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Many dog walking services offer to walk your dog (and maybe 6 other dogs) for 30 – 40 minutes.

What makes my service different is that I will be taking your dog out for 1 hour sessions. This will include a good walk but also an opportunity to practise and reinforce basic obedience exercises, such as walking to heel, sit, stay, come and fetch. Of course, a quick brush over and a cleaning of paws as required will be done before returning home.

To ensure I am able to provide this quality of service, there will be a maximum of 2/3 dogs walked together, depending on the needs and temperament of each dog.

Your dog will be collected from your home or other location in my own vehicle which has a purpose built dog carrier to ensure your dog is transported safely and securely.

The chosen location of the walks may be determined by the weather, but will be either in fields, woodland, parkland, canal tow paths or other public footpaths.

Initially, your dog will be walked on a lead or long line until your dog and I have got to know each other and I have assessed whether exercising/training your dog off lead is appropriate and safe.

  • Dog Walking – £10 per hour
I believe the most effective way to train a dog, whatever the goal, is to work with them for a number of short sessions over the period of a few hours, allowing the dog to make positive achievements and avoiding the dog (and trainer) becoming frustrated. My own dogs have all had very different temperaments and my approach to their training has been adapted to reflect this.

I will work with you and your dog and spend time working out what makes your dog tick and any underlying problems behind their behaviour or training needs. I believe honesty is the best approach, from myself and you as the dog owner. If I feel I cannot meet your needs, I will not waste your money or time.

  • Dog Training – £35 per day


K9Services know that your dog / cat becomes part of the family and not everyone is comfortable with sending their loving pet to a kennel or cattery. So why not consider my Day Care Service as an excellent and stress free alternative for your loved ones.

Pets feel more safe and secure in the comfort of their own familiar surroundings compared to the stress of being boarded at a cattery or kennel.

At K9service Day Care

  • I will ensure your dog or cat are fed and supplied with fresh water daily.
  • I will also make sure that the area where they eat is cleaned.
  • Depending on the breed of pet I will walk them, brush and groom them, as needed.
  • I will administer medication to your pet if this is required.
  • I will look after other small pets in the house, such as hamsters, rabbits, fish etc.
  • I am happy to tidy your mail/free papers from the mailbox and watering of your indoor plants.

Cats only

If your cat is a house cat I will make sure that their litter tray is emptied and cleaned daily.

I will play with your cat to keep them happy and give lots of love and care.

Alternative for Dogs Only

K9Services offers Day Time Boarding, your dog will be collected, fed, watered and walked during its stay and returned to you as arranged.

  • Dog Day Care – £20 per day
  • Cat Day Care – £10 per day

Charges (subject to change following consultation)


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